Taking pictures with flash requires light modifiers to shape the quality of light. Studio strobes have always been designed to attach light modifiers; speedlights on the other hand were designed to be used as is.

The Godox flash bracket changes this limitation of speedlights. It allows for combining speedlights with light modifiers. Figure 1-1 illustrates the concept. First, the speedlight is mounted into the Godox flash bracket and second the light modifier is attached to the bracket.  There is a standard connector at the base of the bracket to attach it to the light stand.

Figure 1-1) Mounting speedlights to light modifiers with the Godox flash bracket

Godox manufactures flash brackets for three different mounts of light modifiers:

  • S type: Bowens,
  • S-EC type: Elinchrom, and
  • S-C type: Comet.



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